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9.30am - 10..00am Myths about Fostering

We will be hearing from Nicky Hale, Director of Social work as she dispels some of the common myths about fostering. We will be looking as misconceptions such as 'You can't foster if you have a full time job' and 'It takes nearly a year to become a foster carer' Tune in as Nicky discusses these and many more topics.

10.30am - 11am  Your Fostering Questions Answered

This is a live studio phone in. Hosts Helen and Tim will be joined by Jane a Home Visit Advisor, David a Carer Recruitment Officer and one of our foster carers to ask your questions. You call or text on the day or submit your questions now via email and we'll answer them on the 22nd.

12.00 – 12.30 Communicating with Children - Interactive workshop

This is a small interactive session giving you the chance to find out more about communicating with children. The positive use of language, nonverbal communication and using songs, stories and rhymes to build trust.


This event will be held in a small group to give people the opportunity to interact, ask questions and practice some of the techniques. To book your place please click here.

Interactive worskhop

12.30 - 1pm  Creating & Celebrating Memorable Moment Live! Workshop

Join Linda a Support Worker and Hosts Helen and Tim as we get creative and make memory books. We'll be talking about the importance of marking special occasions, taking and saving photos and more, all as Linda guides the team in the studio and you at home through how to start a simple but meaningful memory book.

If you would like to join in with this session you will need a black book, pens, glue, photos, and stickers.

1.30pm - 2pm  A day in the life of a foster carer

Ever wondered what a typical day looks like for a foster carer or if they even have a typical day!

Come along to this event as we talk to Norma and Iain about routines they have in place, what activities they enjoy with the children and young people, and how they relax.

Submit your questions for our foster carers by clicking here and we will ask them live on the day.


If you are thinking about fostering or a new foster carer this event will give a good insight into the everyday lives of foster carers.

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